Gardening 101: Former NDSU Professor Can Help

I’ve never had a green thumb. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I tend to kill whatever I try to grow in my garden. So when I visit a garden center, I need a lot of help.

Will this grow on the south side of my house?

Sun or shade?

Do I need to water this more than once a month because I won’t remember? (maybe that’s a clue to the whole brown thumb thing)

But I don’t always get a lot of help. I’ve been to some greenhouses that seem just a little too busy to help a novice like me.

That’s why I was so happy to get an assignment from The Forum the other day to write a story on Sheyenne Gardens. Not only did I enjoy my interview with owner and retired NDSU horticulture professor Neil Holland (he took me on an extensive golf cart tour of the sprawling business), he personally helped me select what I’d grow in my containers this year. He was patient and extremely knowledgeable.

Check out the story on Neil here.

And to Neil, thanks for the advice. (Now let’s all say a quick prayer for the safety and well-being of my plants.)

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