If You Have Weight To Lose, You’ll Want To Read This Woman’s Story

Have you ever met those families who just seem to be doing it right? I’m not talking about the nauseating Stepford-type families who probably take pleasure in their perfection, but in reality are kind of icky people.

I’m talking about those families who are just plain nicer, smarter and funnier than you? The Rob Kupec/Deb White family is like that. I had the pleasure of working with Rob at WDAY-TV a few years back while I was anchoring the news, and he was working as a TV meteorologist. Later, we worked together doing the morning radio show on 970WDAY. You get to know people really well when you start work at 5 AM. I was kind of a pill until my first Pop Tart (and some days afterwards too).

Rob, on the other hand, was always delightful, especially when he launched into stories about his father’s dislike of New Hampshire (better ask him about that) or imitated Long Islanders when they drive their “Honder Accahd” on the L-I-E.

Through the radio days, I also met Rob and Deb’s son Quinn, who used to call into the station with answers to trivia questions. I was always pretty sure he was a 35-year-old man in the body of an eight-year-old boy. Smarty McSmartyboy.

Then there’s Deb. Deb White is a professor at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Like her husband and son, she’s very smart and very nice. But she’s also pretty inspiring. When I first met her in the early 2000s she was struggling with her weight… but over the last few years, Deb has been disappearing before my eyes. She’s lost more than half of her body weight and just completed her first marathon. Pretty awesome. I’m glad She Says editor Sherri Richards agreed with me that Deb’s was a story we needed to tell.

Read it here and see why I’m thinking of asking the Kupec/Whites to adopt me.


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