Swedish Princess Cake

The recipe for the Swedish Princess Cake will be posted this afternoon. Please check back. Thanks!

The Day I Turned Into An Ape

You can always count on Moorhead High Theatre director Rebecca Meyer-Larson to push the envelope a bit when it comes to high school drama. This year’s show is no exception. As MeLissa Kossick wrote a couple of weeks ago on Inforum, ten volunteer theatre dads are helping the cast fly in this production of Disney’s…
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Teen Girls Happen To Be Right About One Direction – Deal With It

I am a 51 -year-old woman and I love One Direction. There I said it. Judge me if you must.  But I stand as one with the kids and the tweens excited over the release of 1D’s new album Made in the AM.  It is their fifth studio album in 5 years and the first since…
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The Best Munchies For Thanksgiving Football Watching

This time of year, there is no shortage of people giving you advice on how to put out the perfect Thanksgiving spread for guests. From all those chefs on The Food Network to those nutty overachievers on Pinterest, it seems everyone has a recipe for the most fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. But what about the hours…
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