5 Things Only Pasty White Girls Understand

I faced a dilemma in my closet this morning — one only pasty, white girls like me understand. The morning weatherman told me to prepare for a hot and humid day. Sounds good. One of the best parts of being a woman (with a nod to Shania Twain) is the prerogative to wear a dress…
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Coping With Downton Abbey Withdrawal

It’s just a scrap of paper on my computer monitor. A post it note with the words:  “Enter Downton Everyday” For months,  it represented hope after love lost. Now it’s an ugly reminder of my failure to recapture the magic. I now must face a life without Downton Abbey. Let me explain. As Downton Abbey was wrapping up…
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Modern Family – I Love You So Much, But Grrrrrrr!

This post comes from a place of love. I love Modern Family and have from that very first episode. I was hooked when Phil acted out a song from High School Musical to his mortified children.

Can’t Sleep? This Is The Sound That Will Conk You Out

I used to laugh at old people who fell asleep in their easy chair at 8:30pm. I’ve become one of them. I don’t mean to do it, but it happens more often than I’d like to admit (and not just on nights when I have wine with dinner, but that doesn’t help). The worst part…
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The Winner Of Third Month Mania: What Makes Americans The Angriest?

Third Month Mania Winner